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Zohreh (Rose) Mehravipour

Zohreh Mehravipour


Chief Executive Officer of Voodoolily Publishing Company in Norway, 2019- present

My work is increasingly situated at the interface of politics, sociology, psychology, and history with a focus on Integration, Radicalization, and immigration. During my short career in higher education, I have gained extensive experience in module development across a wide spectrum of social psychology. I received B.A., M.A., degrees in sociology.

I successfully defended my Master’s thesis, “An Investigation of the influence on the formation of children’s stories with a focus on the socialization of 5 to 6 years old in Isfahan” in 2014.

I am also the member of the “Association for Iranian Studies which is a private, not-for-profit, non-political organization of persons interested in Iranian Studies in the broadest sense, https://associationforiranianstudies.org/” and the member of the “Iranian Association of Sociologists  http://www.isa.org.ir/.”

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