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Tayebeh Shamani (Tanaz)

Tayebeh Shamani


The first person of Fajr FestivalNominated for the book of the year of holy defense with the book of the traveler of dawnSelect the golden pen with the book Kill the cats’ tails in the year 94Selected Fajr of the year 1996 with the book Qach QachSelected the book of the year of Kanoon with the book of Qach Qach of the year 1996Nominated for the 97th Fajr Festival with the book I miss youNominated for the 11th Press FestivalWinner of the Golden Tablet of the Twelfth Press FestivalNominated for the Golden Pen 96 with the book Rah-e Mashkhi, published by Mehr .Awarded at the 98th Golden Pen Festival with the book A Big CandySelected the golden pen of the year 99 with the book of one thousand sixty five hundredNominated for the 99th Fajr Festival with a book, only your place is emptyTen years of poetry expert in Candy and Little Candy MagazineExpert in poetry, novice growth and child development

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